Management information

We can provide a management information system to help all levels of the management hierarchy to keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs). This works especially well for clients who have made use of our systems integration service where all aspects of a business’s IT are linked and in communication with each other. We will analyse your business model and help you decide which KPIs to monitor at each management level.

A management information system can help you spot trends and make better decisions. It allows you to set and track targets and view KPI and company performance data. These are shown as charts, speed dials, and tables in a management information dashboard.

Most KPIs are directional which means, as we chart them over time on a line graph, a trend or gradient emerges up or down. Actionable KPIs are those with a threshold above or below which some form of intervention is required. This is normally represented by a speed dial. Qualitative KPIs are those which are hard to quantify such as user satisfaction and staff morale.

KPIs can be tested against the mnemonic SMART:

  • Specific: Has a single exact well defined goal
  • Measurable: Comparable to a set baseline
  • Attainable: Not too easy or difficult to achieve
  • Relevant: Worthwhile and goal orientated
  • Time-Bound: Has a target date and time

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