Systems integration

Systems integration brings a company’s hardware and software solutions together so that all aspects of the business may communicate and work together seamlessly. This gives managers and staff greater access to the kind of information required for enhanced decision making and better coordinated activity.

As a brief example, a company that requests our services may have several departments, each with their own computer running an Access database or Excel spread sheet. We will analyse the data stored and transactions performed by each department in order to develop an overall schema for the company.

Using demo data, the schema is tested and verified. Then data from each department is transformed into the new format and loaded into the new system for further testing – This is a small scale version of the data warehouse practice known as extract transfer and load (ETL). In this case the ETL is from subsystems based on Access or Excel to an overall system, probably based on SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle.

The company’s staff are trained in the use of the new system and both old and new solutions may be run in parallel for a while to ensure congruity. Once the company is happy with the new system it is made live.

Systems integration does not necessarily involve the wholesale clear out of all hardware and software in which the customer has invested. SQL server can have a front end developed in Access and a PC that can run Excel standalone will be adequate for querying an SQL database over the LAN. We develop complete bespoke systems for customers with front ends in .net or C++ but this is not always wanted or required. We will listen to what you want and adapt the system to suit.

The cost of systems integration services from depend on how complex your business is but we are sure that you will find us most competitive. If you would like to take advantage of a free consultation and quote, please call us on the number given, or email us using the “Contact Us” page. If the information we need to discuss is sensitive we are happy to sign a nondisclosure agreement. We look forward to hearing from you soon.