Mark: has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years now as a Computer Programmer, Analyst, Pre and Post-Sales Consultant, and Development Team Manager.

The long and short of it is that Mark has been a heavy user of computers and technology for much longer than most. While Mark can’t lay claim to discovering the electron or even being responsible for the development of the first silicon chip he can truthfully say that he has been building PC’s for more than 15 years and fondly recounts his first true love as being a computer system comprising an 8086 processor, 64K of RAM, not one, but two, 5″ floppy drives, and a fantastic colour screen… that colour being green!

Since then there has been no looking back for Mark and he has ever since been specifying, building and upgrading systems for everything from networks for businesses to stand-alone, internet-ready PCs for home-users. Mark is not only a committed and highly knowledgeable IT system architect, PC maintainer and problem-fixer, he is also a time served and skilful developer / database programmer and man-manager to boot – a valuable addition to any team!

Mark is a keen and crafty squash player who has taught Austen a thing or three over the years!