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Situated at Ilkley in West Yorkshire at UK.

Project Title

Cyclopes Secure Media Manager (Cyclopes SMM)

Project Summary

Cyclopes SMM was bespoke software designed to be built as a media manager for security devices and intended to be capable of managing device types, devices, jobs, job allocations, media archiving and media viewing.

Technologies Used

The application was developed for Microsoft Windows OS (32 and 64 Bit) using Microsoft .Net (C#) and included an embedded SQL Server Compact database to record data/information used in the application.

Solution Description


Cyclopes was anticipating an innovative digital media management solution that was required to connect with media devices and distribute their content in a highly secure environment. Such a product would need to be able to easily recognize media files from devices such as storage cards, memory sticks and USB connections.

This application would have to provide a very simple management process while maintaining a history of recorded events with complete information on deployed tasks. It would ultimately be used by administrators and managers handling important, protected data in places such as Benefits Agency, Environmental Agency and the Police.


A Windows based application was designed using Microsoft technology. In order to fulfill the security requirements, a security dongle would be required to be attached to the PC while the application is in use. The dongle would need to match with an encrypted file residing within the system in order to grant user access.

After successfully signing in to the application, user would be directed to the Main screen. The Main screen would consist of three sections which would be the launch pad for most of the system activities namely – Device Management, Device Control, User Management, Media Browser and Media Reviewer.

The application would thus be capable of:

  • Managing Media (images and videos)
    • Import from devices
    • Search media files
    • Preview thumbnails and full screen images/videos
    • Adding and updating Users to access the system
    • Maintaining a record of the Media Devices connected with the system
    • Create, update and remove Jobs related to media stored via the system
    • Deploy Devices to Jobs


The completed system is currently used alongside security system devices while facilitating easy, safe and customized management for handling various media content. It is simple, user friendly and offers a structured organization of events, deployment and stored files. Access to the system is restricted and only approved users are permitted to use the application.

Few significant features available with the system are:

  • Lower deployment and operational costs
  • Seamless updates and support for customizable process workflows
  • Secure and easy-to-use environment anywhere within a corporate intranet, extranet or across the internet
  • Reduced iterations and resources needed to search, retrieve and distribute media

A few screenshots of the system are shown below:

Screen 1: Main screen with a list of the commonly used tasks
Screen 2: Media Browser screen
Screen 3: Media Reviewer screen for viewing selected media
Screen 4: Section allowing archiving of media from selected devices
Screen 5: User Management screen to create, update users


Cyclopes SMM was developed in a single cycle and delivered within 35 days.


With the implementation of a bespoke media cataloguing application, Cyclopes users were enabled with a quick, effective and safe method to work in conjunction with different devices and environment settings.

Some of the advantages offered by the system have been in the form of:

  • Effective storage and retrieval of digital assets
  • Robust and scalable solution for managing media
  • File distribution made easy in secure environment
  • Faster response time for all media handling processes
  • Reduced iterations and secure processes in any environment